We are Beagle Coffee Company.
We’re on an honest search
for the perfect cup of coffee.


Beagle Coffee Company is a coffee roasting company and lab in Fort Collins, CO dedicated to pursuing the best in coffee roasting, education, and equipment development.

Previously Beagle Brews Coffee, Beagle Coffee Company made its first appearance at the Valparaiso Farmer’s Market as a small project led by Derrick Wessels. Every week since then has seen change for our small batch roaster, with each change pushing what we do to the next level.

The reasoning for our name is simple – we have a profound love for Beagles. For the past two decades, there has always been at least one beagle bringing joy to the Wessels household. When Derrick and his father David started home brewing beer, many of their batches took on the names of their pups. The two dubbed the effort Beagle Brews Beer, and Derrick adopted and evolved the name and operation into what Beagle Coffee Company is today.

Our Plan

We are on an honest search to not only craft the perfect cup of coffee, but to catalogue our progress and findings so that others can do the same. Through the combined efforts of a coffee geek and a biochem researcher, we aim to solve the problems and questions we see arising within the coffee industry today.

Our Team

Derrick Wessels

Coffee nerd and beverage enthusiast, Derrick was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Normal. Aside from drinking, roasting, and making all kinds of coffee, Derrick enjoys all manner of athletic activity and a well made old fashioned. Derrick has been a resident of Fort Collins, CO for the past two years and can usually be found bumming around the various coffee shops.

Evan Beyers

Evan has a Master’s degree in Biochemistry from Colorado State University. Evan was born in Fort Collins, CO, and moved to Williams Bay, WI at the age of ten. He completed his undergraduate degree Valparaiso University where he and Derrick became fast friends, and returned to Colorado to earn his Master’s degree. An avid hiker, Evan spends many weekends exploring the beautiful Colorado Rockies in addition to his research as part of Beagle Coffee Company.

Things are just beginning for us as we take our first steps into coffee research and development, and we couldn't be more excited to have you with us for the ride.

Thank you so much for your support.